TLIC Family Day 6. January 6: To work it and keep it.


Make a list of all the people that help to take care of you and protect you (mom and dad, you can do this too). Who is on your list? In what ways do they help you and protect you?


When God made Adam and Eve he put them into the beautiful Garden of Eden. But they weren’t just put there to play. Yes, they were supposed to enjoy the garden and have fun, but they were also given a very important job. Have you ever been given a job to do? Do you have chores? Like cleaning your room, or helping out in the yard? What jobs do you do in your house?

God gave Adam and Eve a very important job to do in the Garden of Eden. Listen to today’s verse and see if you can hear what their job was:

Genesis 2:15. The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.

Did you hear the words “work,” and “keep?”

That was Adam and Eve’s job – to work and keep the garden. The word “work” means to help, or take care of something. And the word “keep” means to protect or guard something. And you see, this wasn’t just Adam and Eve’s job. It’s our job too. It’s your mom and dad’s job to take care of you and protect you. It’s your teacher’s job. And your pastor’s job. And the police officer’s job.

The police are supposed to protect and serve – this is what God asks all of us to do.

In fact, it’s everyone’s job to take care of each other and protect each other. And as you grow up it becomes your job to help other people and to protect them too.

Who can you help take care of today? Who can you help protect and keep safe? Your brothers and sisters? Your mom and dad? Your friends? God never wants us to hurt other people, or be mean, or make things harder for others. He wants us to care of everyone and help them, especially people who are weaker than us, or those who are having a hard time.

Taking care of others and protecting others is how we love God and worship him. Do you know what the word worship means? Worship is praising and honoring something. It is calling something the most important or the most valuable. We can worship a lot of different things, but God wants us to worship only him. Why? Because he is the greatest, most valuable, most loving, most awesome person in the universe. And he alone deserves to be worshiped because he is the only one who will never, ever fail to help us or protect us. He will always do for us what he is asking us to do for others – help and protect (“work and keep”).

It is our job to help and protect each other, but we are not very good at this are we? Sometimes we hurt instead of help. Sometimes we fight instead of protect. Jesus came to earth to do what God asked Adam and Eve (and us) to do. He came to serve, and help, and protect us. Everywhere Jesus went he helped others. But most importantly, he came to help and protect us by taking away our sin. How? By dying on the cross for our sins and offering us forgiveness and eternal life with him forever. Do you believe this? I hope you do.

Because of Jesus we have been helped and protected from sin.

With Jesus we can help and protect others.


Do you know someone who needs help? Make a plan to do something to help or serve someone today.



Thank you for always helping and protecting me, especially by forgiving me of my sins. Help me to help others and protect others today and every day.



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