Welcome to TLIC family.

Welcome to TLIC family! This is a place for families to walk through the Bible together and walk into the love of Jesus together.

Each day there will be a new post that follows along the To Live Is Christ daily blog www.toliveischrist.blog

Daily posts will include a scripture and a short related reading to get your family thinking. We will also include something to do together each day and a prayer to pray. None of this is meant to be “required” or even “necessary.” It is not our goal to add pressure to your lives as parents in any way. No legalism here. Just a tool to let the grace of God through Jesus into your family. In fact, each daily devotion should stand alone so that you never have to feel guilty for missing a few days and you can just jump right back in at any time. Our prayer is that TLICfamily will bring joy to your family as you spend time thinking about Jesus and his grace and love together.

Here at TLIC we spend a lot of time talking about being IN CHRIST and CHRIST being IN US. Because we are in Christ we have everything that we need and desire in him. And because Christ is in us we can live as he would in the world by faith. In each TLICfamily reading you will see these two equivalent phrases: Because of Jesus (In Christ), and With Jesus (Christ in us). Hopefully these phrases will point your child’s heart to their need for Jesus as their Savior and their King.

Having raised 4 kids of my own, I know the struggle for families to find good resources for showing Christ to our kids without just teaching them “good character,” or “morals” alone. I also know how hard it can be to find the time and consistency to keep God’s good news in front of our children. My prayer is that this blog will give you what you need for showing your family the story of God through Jesus Christ his son. I pray that our children will know Christ, and not just know how to be nice.

May God grant you and your family to grow in grace and in the knowledge of his Son, Jesus Christ this year!

Pastor Brady

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