TLIC Family. Day 45. February 14: Be strong and courageous.


What is courage? What does it mean to be courageous? (Remind your kids that courage is not the absence of fear, but it is doing what is right even when we are afraid).


God wants us to have courage. He wants us to do things, even when we might be afraid to do them. This is the lesson we learn from the Bible in the book of Joshua.

God used Moses to lead his people to the Promised Land, but before entering the land, Moses died. Now Joshua would be the new leader of the Hebrews. Do you remember Joshua? He was one of the 12 spies, but he was one of only two spies that told the people to trust God and enter the land even though it was full of giant people with giant walls around their cities.

As Joshua and the people were preparing to enter the Promised Land, God spoke to Joshua, and this is what he said to him:

Joshua 1:9. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Does having courage mean we are never afraid? No. God knows that we can be afraid. And that’s OK. But God doesn’t want us to let our fears control us. He wants us to trust him and his goodness, and his power. Sometimes we are afraid because we don’t know what will happen next. But God wants us to believe that he knows what will happen next, and that he has everything under control.

Is there something that makes you afraid? Is there something that you are worried about?

Courage means trusting that God will help you through it, and that he will make everything turn out exactly the way he wants it to in the end. And that means everything will turn out for our good and for his glory. And when we start to trust God, next courage means doing what God asks us to do. Like making new friends, or trying new things, or standing up for what’s right, or even praying to God when things get scary.

Now it’s important for us to see that God didn’t tell Joshua to find his courage from deep inside himself. No. God told Joshua that he could be courageous because “the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

And this promise is still true for us today. God is with us wherever we go! He never, ever leaves us alone. When we ask Jesus to be our Savior, he comes and lives inside of us forever. He lives in our hearts. And that means Jesus’ own courage lives in our hearts too. And Jesus was the most courageous person who ever lived. He always trusted God, and he always did what was right, even when he was scared, and even when it was really hard, like dying on the cross for us.

When we have Jesus in our hearts we know that we never have to be afraid. He will always do what is best for us. And when we are afraid, when we stop being brave, it’s OK, because Jesus is always being brave for us.

Because of Jesus I know that God is always with me.

With Jesus I can be courageous.


If needed, talk through something specific that your child may be facing that is scary. Help them to understand that God will be with them no matter what happens. Help them to see that they can be afraid and courageous at the same time. Teach them to pray to God when they are afraid, asking for God’s love to give them courage.


Watch Disney’s Mulan together (the cartoon). Talk about Mulan’s fears and her courage. What motivated her to be brave? How did the presence of Mushu help her to be brave (see clip below)?

Talk about how we have someone with us too. And he’s way better than Mushu. We have God himself living inside of us giving us courage.


Here’s a good song to sing along with today.



When I am afraid I know that you are with me and that you are brave for me. Help me be brave and courageous too.



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