TLIC Family. Day 137. May 17: Lost and found.


Have you ever been lost? What did you do? Did someone find you?


In Luke’s gospel, chapter 15, Jesus tells us three stories back to back that all teach us the same big idea – we are all lost until Jesus finds us.

Take a few moments and read Luke 15 and then talk through these questions together:

What three things were lost in Jesus’ stories? (sheep, coin, son)

In what way are we like the sheep? The coin? The son? (talk about how each of us is born far from God because of the sin in our hearts. And talk about how we can’t find Jesus on our own, he has to find us. He loves us and seeks us FIRST)

How are the shepherd, the woman, and the father in the stories like God? (God loves us, seeks us, and wants to bring us back home to be with him)

Now think about Jesus’ third story. There are two sons in this story. In what way did the younger son that left home sin against his dad? (he disrespected his father and wasted all his money)

But what about the older son? How did he sin against his dad? Why was he mad at his dad at the end? (talk about how the older son thought that his good works earned him more favor from his dad, and so he was mad when the younger brother was forgiven and blessed by their father)

Did the older brother understand grace? Look at what the Father says to the older brother at the end again:

Luke 15:31-32. 31 And he said to him, ‘Son, you are always with me, and all that is mine is yours. 32 It was fitting to celebrate and be glad, for this your brother was dead, and is alive; he was lost, and is found.’”

What is grace? (God’s goodness, forgiveness, and love given to us for free as a gift)

How is the dad offering his older son grace and love? (he says “all that is mine is yours” – if the older son understood this he would be willing to share with his brother)

And now the most important question: Are you like the younger son, the sheep, and the coin, ready to receive grace from God? Are you willing to be forgiven, and “found” all for free simply because God loves you?

Or are you like the older son that still wants to earn God’s love and prove that your better than everyone else?

Hint: Be like the younger son! Always run home to God. Always let God’s grace cover you up in his love. Always let Jesus and his cross show you how much you are loved no matter what.

Because of Jesus we are found!

With Jesus we can live every day in God’s grace and tell others about it too.


Play Hide and Seek together. Let it illustrate how we are all lost and need to be found by Jesus. And Jesus never stops searching.

Watch this little clip from Toy Story where Woody realizes he’s a lost toy. Talk about how we all need to realize that without Jesus we are “lost toys.” But also point out how in Toy Story Woody and Buzz work hard to get home, but in real life Jesus actually comes to find us and BRING US HOME.

And here’s a nice Luke 15 song:



You are the better older brother that shares everything with us. You even died for us. Help me to always know God loves me, and then share his love with others.



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