TLIC Family. Day 140. May 20: The good shepherd.


Have you ever been around a sheep? What do you know about sheep?


Over and over again the Bible calls us sheep. And it’s not meant to be a compliment. Now I’m not a sheep expert, but from what I hear sheep are pretty dumb and completely helpless. Sheep can’t find their own food. Sheep can’t protect themselves from other animals. Sheep will wander off to unsafe places and even eat poisonous food.

Why do you think God calls us sheep?

Another thing the Bible tells us over and over is that sheep (us) need a shepherd. What does a shepherd do (read Psalm 23 if you have time)? Why would God say that we all need a shepherd?

When Jesus was on earth he called himself the Good Shepherd. Listen to what he says the Good Shepherd does:

John 10:11.I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. 

Jesus called himself the GOOD shepherd because there are also BAD shepherds. A BAD shepherd is someone who doesn’t help others, or is mean, or a bully, or takes advantage of someone. A BAD shepherd demands that others serve them, but a GOOD shepherd serves others. A GOOD shepherd looks out for those who are weaker than them. A GOOD shepherd is kind, and helpful, and considerate of others.

A GOOD shepherd “lays down his life for the sheep.”

Jesus did this for us when he died on the cross for our sins. He laid down his life and took our punishment so that we might be able to have eternal life with him forever. Jesus had to do this for us because, remember, we’re sheep. Helpless and foolish sheep.

Are you a sheep that needs Jesus to be your GOOD shepherd?

If Jesus is your shepherd then you can learn to be a GOOD shepherd too, just like him. When we know how much Jesus loves us, then we can love others too, and serve them, and protect them, and be kind to them just like Jesus is to us. Every day we can learn to trust Jesus more and more like a sheep, and then, like a shepherd, we can help others to trust Jesus more and more by showing his love and kindness to others.

Because of Jesus we are safe in the arms of our Good Shepherd.

With Jesus we can be good shepherds that point others to Jesus and his love.


Watch the movie Babe together, or just this clip. Talk about how Babe had to learn how to be a good shepherd to the sheep. He had to learn how to be kind and caring rather than mean and terrifying. Jesus also shepherds our hearts with kindness.

Here’s a fun worship song about God’s goodness.



You are my Good Shepherd who gave your life for me. Help me to be a good shepherd too who helps others and points them to your love.



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