TLIC Family. Day 153. June 2: It is fiished.


Have you ever owed someone something? Have you ever been in debt? Do you know what “debt” means?


Yesterday we looked at the saddest thing Jesus said on the cross. Do you remember what it was? (My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?)

Today we want to look at the greatest thing Jesus said on the cross. Here it is from John’s gospel:

John 19:30. When Jesus had received the sour wine, he said, “It is finished,” and he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

“It is finished.”

In Jesus’ language it was one single word – Tetelestai. Can you say “tetelestai?” Tetelestai means that a debt has been paid. It has been covered or completed or satisfied.

But why did Jesus say this word? Why tetelestai? Why is Jesus talking about a debt being paid on the cross?

The answer is because when we sin it leaves us in debt to God. We owe God for stealing from him each time we sin. Every time we sin, every time we are mean, or selfish, or disobedient, we are robbing God of his glory and honor. Every time we hurt someone’s feelings or fail to help others we are hurting God himself as the Creator and King of all things.

The Bible says that the wage (or payment) for sin is death. Because of our sin we all owe God our lives – we all need to be punished. We all deserve to die on the cross for our own sins. We all deserve to die.

But Jesus came to earth and took our place. He paid our debt. He died FOR US so that we could live forever with God. Now we can live with God without any debt. Without any punishment. Without any death. We can simply love and worship him.

Now IT IS FINISHED. This means we don’t have to pay God back or earn our way to heaven. It is a free gift. It is not earned or deserved. All you have to do is receive the gift of Jesus’ life in your place.

You can say: “God, I know that I have sinned against you and that I deserve to be punished for my sins. I know I deserve to be separated from you because of the wrongs that I have done. But right now I want to receive the free gift of Jesus’ life in my place. I know he died on the cross for me. Please take away my sins and come live inside of me.”

Because of Jesus our sin debt is paid.

With Jesus we never have to earn God’s love, only receive it.


DON’T do something today. Why? Because it is finished. Practice simply resting in the finished work of Jesus. Just say thank you to Jesus together.

And you can listen to this song:

And here’s a good video of the story of Jesus’ sacrifice.



You did everything for me on the cross. It is finished! Thank you.



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