TLIC Family. Day 166. June 15: The crown of life.


What are you looking forward to?


James was the brother of Jesus. At first James didn’t believe that Jesus was God and that Jesus was the one who would save the world from their sins. But after Jesus rose from the dead James believed in Jesus and eventually became the pastor of the church in the city of Jerusalem.

After Jesus went back up into heaven it wouldn’t be long before the church began to face all kinds of trials. People really didn’t like Christians back then because they refused to worship the false gods of Rome including the Roman emperor. People were mean to the Christians and tried to make life hard for them. On top of that there was a famine in Jerusalem too. Everyone was stressed out and arguing, including the Christians.

The Book of James in the Bible is James’ letter to the churches in Jerusalem. And of course one of the first things he talks about in his letter is trials. Do you ever face trials? Of course you do. We all do. What trials have you faced recently?

Listen to what James says about trials to his church here in chapter one:

James 1:12. Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him. 

James is telling us that the way to get through hard times is to look forward to the future. But James points us to something beyond even this life. He points us to heaven. In heaven we will receive the crown of life. Back then a crown was the reward for a runner who won the race. Like a gold medal today from the Olympics. Except James says that everyone who keeps trusting Jesus through their whole life, everyone who never quits on God, everyone who knows that Jesus died for them and never rejects his love, will receive the same reward, the same crown, the same gold medal. In heaven everyone gets a participation trophy!

As you get older lots of things and lots of people are going to try to convince you that God is not real. That Jesus is not a savior. That there is no heaven. That love is something you have to earn from God.

Don’t believe it!

Believe God. Trust him and his love for you on the cross. Stay faithful to Jesus no matter what. Why? Because he will stay faithful to you no matter what. Even in your hard trials. In fact, those hard trials are meant to help you trust Jesus more and more.

And in the end if you never reject Jesus you will stand before him one day and he will give you the prize – the crown of eternal life. The greatest reward ever. A reward that he has earned for us on the cross. The reward of being with him forever.

Because of Jesus we will live with God forever in heaven.

With Jesus we can make it through hard trials because we know that in the end everything will be alright.


Make paper crowns together. Here’s a link to some crown craft ideas.

Don’t forget to label your crown – CROWN OF LIFE.

And here’s a classic to sing together about looking forward to heaven.



You will never give up on me. Help me to never give up on you.



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