TLIC Family. Day 179. June 28: Faith working through love.


What is something that you are hoping will happen soon?


Hope. Faith. Love.

These are three very important words in the Bible and three very important words in our lives when we believe in Jesus. Listen to how the Apostle Paul uses these three words here in Galatians:

Galatians 5:5-6. For through the Spirit, by faith, we ourselves eagerly wait for the hope of righteousness. For in Christ Jesus [the only thing that] counts for anything, is faith working through love.

When you have Jesus you have hope. Usually when we talk about hope, we are thinking of something that we are not sure will happen. Like “I hope I get to go to McDonald’s today.” It may or may not happen. Or, “I hope my team wins our baseball game today.” It may or may not happen.

But in the Bible the word hope means that we know that something will happen. When we have Jesus we know that he will always love us and will take us home to be with him and share everything that is his. We have hope in Jesus. We know he will keep his promises. It will happen. Why? Because it is the “hope of righteousness.” Because Jesus has died for our sins and made us righteous, we now know for sure that he will take us to heaven with him. That’s hope.

When you have Jesus you have hope and then you can have faith. Our faith comes from our hope. When we trust that Jesus will always love us and take us home (our hope) that’s called faith. Faith remembers hope. Our hope is always there, never going away. But our faith often comes and goes. Sometimes we remember about Jesus and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we remember that we are loved forever and going to heaven forever, but often we forget and get selfish and demand our own way. Sometimes we trust Jesus, but sometimes we just trust that we can whine and get what we want rather than love and obey.

When you have Jesus you have hope, you can have faith, and that faith can produce love. Love is what Jesus gives us all day every day. And love is what Jesus wants us to give to everyone else all day every day. And when you have hope and faith, then love becomes easier and easier to give. Why? Because you know that no matter what you are loved by God so you have nothing to fear and nothing to lose when you choose to be kind and nice to others.

Because of Jesus we always have hope.

With Jesus we can always have faith and love.


Here’s a fun HOPE song you can sing together.



You died for my sins and gave me hope for eternal life with God. Help me to trust you, love you, and love others too each day.



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