TLIC Family. Day 193. July 12: One spirit with him.


How would you be different if you could see Jesus with you wherever you went?


When you are a Christian everywhere you go you take Jesus with you. Listen to how Jesus says it to the Corinthians Christians:

1 Corinthians 6:17. He who is joined to the Lord becomes one spirit with him.

There are things about being a Christian that are very mysterious, or the word the Bible uses is “spiritual.” There are things that go beyond what we can see. Each of us has a spirit that we can’t see, but it lives inside of us and makes us who we are. Our bodies are the shell, but the spirit is what makes us alive.

Jesus’ body is in heaven, seated with God.

And Jesus’ spirit is in his body making him alive forever, never to die again.

But Jesus’ spirit is also joined with the spirit of every Christian.


By the Holy Spirit.

By the Holy Spirit living inside of us we all have the spirit of Jesus. As Paul says “we are one spirit with Jesus.”

I know that all of this can be very hard to understand, and that’s OK. We don’t have to understand it all, but we can trust it. We can believe that everywhere we go we take Jesus with us. That means we are never alone and that we never have to be afraid. It also means that everything we do Jesus is doing with us. Did you go outside and play? So did Jesus. Did you go to the store with your mom? So did Jesus. Did you ride your bike to a friend’s house? So did Jesus. Did you watch TV or play video games? So did Jesus.

If you’re a Christian and you did it, then so did Jesus. And that’s pretty cool isn’t it?

But in this part of the letter to the Corinthians that Paul is writing he is actually talking to them about their sin. Now when Paul wants to convince the Corinthians to stop their sinning, he doesn’t tell them that they are breaking God’s rules, or that they are in danger of being punished by God. Instead he reminds them that Jesus is always with them. So when they (or we) go to do something selfish or wrong, we take Jesus with us into that bad situation too. Why? Because everywhere we go, Jesus goes. And that should make us stop doing something wrong, shouldn’t it? Would you invite Jesus to pick on others, or be a bully, or cheat, or tell a lie? Of course not. But when you do those things Jesus is inside of you and it’s like you’re asking him to be a part of your sin.

But even when we do sin, Jesus will still never leave us. He is always with us no matter what. Because he always loves us no matter what.

Because of Jesus we are one spirit with him.

With Jesus we are never alone, he is always with us.


Look at some family photos of things you have done together recently. Now talk about how Jesus was there with you in every photo. Does that encourage you? How?



You are so awesome. You connected your life to mine forever. Help me to always do what you would do, and even when I fail, help me to know that you will never leave me.



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