TLIC Family. Day 224. August 12: Sowing bountifully…reaping bountifully.


Do you like to share? What makes sharing hard? What makes sharing fun?


Do you know what greed is? In the Bible greed is called a “deadly sin.” Greed is when you want something really bad and don’t want to share it with others. Greed is such a terrible thing because it can turn you into a terrible friend. One who never shares with anyone. One who just keeps everything for yourself. Greed makes you selfish.

But God wants us to share. Why? Because God is the greatest sharer ever. He shares everything with us. He created a beautiful planet for us to live on and share all his beautiful creation. He shares his goodness with everyone by giving us air to breath, and food to eat, and a sun to keep us warm. But most importantly God shared himself with us. The Father sent Jesus to share his very own eternal life with all who would receive him and become his children.

Have you received Jesus’ eternal life?

If you have then you can be a sharer too. Just like Jesus. We can learn to share more and more. Here’s how Paul said it to the Christians in Corinth:

2 Corinthians 9:6. The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.

Farmers who sow (plant) a lot of seeds reap (grow or harvest) a lot of fruits and vegetables. Right now I am growing one cucumber plant on my deck. It does not produce a lot of cucumbers. But I have a friend who planted hundreds of cucumber seeds. And guess what – he has more cucumbers than he knows what to do with.

When we share our things, and care about others, and are kind to others (sowing bountifully), then we will find that we are happier, and less selfish, and more trusting (reaping bountifully). And we may even find that we are making more friends because we are caring about others.

How can we be good sharers? By first always remembering that Jesus has shared everything with us. And when we know that he loves us and shares with us no matter what, then we don’t have to be afraid to give what we have to others. Jesus will always take care of us and he will always be our friend to the end.

Because of Jesus God will always share with us.

With Jesus we can always share with others.


Practice sharing this week. Talk to your kids about sharing from a pure heart – not sharing just so that God will “bless me,” but because he already has blessed me with Jesus. Talk about what your family can share with others. Make a plan to share with someone else.

And/Or….Watch this clip from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory together. These children did not learn to share or care and so in the end their greed becomes a “deadly sin.



You shared your own life with me. Help me to share what I have with others too.



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