TLIC Family. Day 306. November 2: The man Christ Jesus.



Do you know what a mediator is?


How do we know that God never gets tired of us? How do we know that God is never frustrated by our bad behavior? How do we know that God has never, ever had enough of us and just needs a break?

Here’s how Paul would answer this question for us (and for Timothy):

1 Timothy 2:5-6. For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all.

God will never get tired with us, frustrated with us, bitter about our behavior because Jesus the HUMAN is mediating for us in Heaven.

What is a mediator? A mediator is a go-between. Have you ever been a go-between? Have you ever helped two friends get along? Have you ever had to be a spokesperson for a group? Maybe like a team captain or a class president?

Jesus is all those things for us and more. Jesus is the representative for all humanity before God.

Did you know that Jesus wasn’t always a person? Jesus is God. Before he became a person he was part of the Trinity living in Heaven with the Father and the Spirit. But then Jesus became a human. He put on flesh and blood. He became one of us. He was born like us. He grew up like us. He went to school like us. He had a job like us. He laughed, and got hurt, and ran, and told jokes, and cried like us.

But unlike us he never, ever sinned. He obeyed every single one of God’s laws. He always loved God and loved his neighbor perfectly. And that is why he could die as our substitute. He died in sin even though he was perfect. And that’s why God raised him from the dead – because he was perfect. And that’s why now he rules over all creation as the human king of everything!

Jesus has done everything God required of his human creations, Adam and Eve. Everything they failed at, Jesus did. And everything you have failed at, Jesus has done.

And that’s why he’s the mediator. The go-between. Because he’s the perfect God and he’s the perfect man. And that’s why God will never be frustrated with us, because he will never be frustrated with Jesus. As far as God is concerned all of humanity’s responsibilities have been fulfilled by Jesus.

So take a deep breath and remember today that God always loves you no matter what because of what Jesus has done in your place.

Because of Jesus we are rescued from all of God’s requirements that we could never keep.

With Jesus we can rest knowing that he took our place and is our go-between forever.


Here’s a great mediator song to listen to together.



You have done everything God requires for me. You have saved me from my sin. Thank you!



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