TLIC Family. Day 314. November 10: Life and immortality.


Do you want to live forever? Why or why not?


I remember when I was a kid hearing about living in Heaven with God forever and being somewhat scared and somewhat confused by this idea. I guess I just couldn’t imagine life going on and on and on.

But eternal life and immortality (living forever) is one the biggest and most important teachings of Jesus. When we receive Jesus we receive his own eternal life. Connected to Jesus we will live forever. Here’s how Paul says it to Timothy:

2 Timothy 1:9-10. [God] saved us and called us to a holy calling, not because of our works but because of his own purpose and grace, which he gave us in Christ Jesus before the ages began, 10 and which now has been manifested through the appearing of our Savior Christ Jesus, who abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel.

Jesus abolished death. Yes, Christians still die, but not really. Our spirits live forever with God and one day our bodies are resurrected just like Jesus’ body was, and then we live forever, body, soul, spirit, with Jesus, the Father, and the Spirit, and everyone else who trusted in God’s salvation. Yay!

Jesus gave us life. Paul says that Jesus “brought life…to light.” The word for “life” that Paul uses is the word that means God’s life. So we receive God’s life – a perfect life – that will go on forever. We won’t live forever stuck in this same life of pain, and sickness, and selfishness, and anger, and fear. We live forever in God’s life. Divine life. Perfect life. Happy life without sadness. Yay again!

With Jesus we never have to be afraid of dying and we never have to be afraid of living forever. He has ended death and he has made eternal life full of all happiness and joy. And that means we can start having that happiness and joy right now. If you have trusted in Jesus, then your immortality has already begun. You have already begun living from God’s own life. You have already begun living the eternal life of Jesus.

Because of Jesus we can be free from death and alive to God forever.

With Jesus we have already begun living forever with all of his love, joy, and peace.


Go on a nature walk and point out how at this time of year the plants are dying. Ask your kids if they can find anything that will live forever on your walk. Talk about how immortality is a gift that only comes through Jesus. One day he will make all the people that trusted in him eternal, and he will make all of nature eternal too.



I admit that living forever can sound confusing and even scary, but I trust that if I am with you everything will be amazing forever.



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