TLIC Family. Day 322. November 18: His own blood.


What is sin? Can you define it?


Some people think that God is just angry all the time. In fact, they would say that Jesus died on the cross in order to keep God from being mad. Some would even say that God killed Jesus just to make himself feel good.

But the truth is that God isn’t only angry. He is love. And his anger comes from his love. Why is God angry about sin? Because he loves us? And why did Jesus die on the cross? In order to remove our sin.

You see sin is two things that have to be removed: a debt and a disease.

Have you ever been in debt to someone? Owed them money?

Have you ever been sick?

When we sin against God we now owe him a debt. Like if you broke your neighbors window with a rock you would have to pay for it to be fixed. And sin is also a sickness that corrupts us on the inside. It is a stain on our soul that must be washed away. And the only thing that could remove both our debt and our disease is the blood of Jesus. Here’s how the book of Hebrews explains it:

Hebrews 9:12. 12 [Christ] entered once for all into the holy places, not by means of the blood of goats and calves but by means of his own blood, thus securing an eternal redemption. 

Is God just an angry god? Does he just want to hurt someone, so he hurt Jesus?


God is a loving and forgiving god. What he really wants is for our sin debt and our sin disease to go away. So that’s why Jesus died. His death on the cross paid off our debt to God. Remember if you throw a rock and break my window then someone has to pay for it. God paid for his own broken window. If someone sins against God the penalty is death, so God (Jesus) died. God paid off our debt to God. And if someone has a disease then they need to have that disease removed from their body. When we receive the life of Jesus the disease of sin is removed from our bodies and from our hearts, so that one day, in Heaven, we will be completely sin free.

God did all of this for us when he died on the cross. He shed “his own blood,” which is another way of saying he died for us so that we would never have to die for him.

Because of Jesus all our sin debt and sin disease are taken care of forever.

With Jesus we don’t have to keep sinning, and when we do sin we know we are forgiven.


Sing There Is a Fountain together.



You are God and you love us so much that you died for us in our place. Now I know that you’re not angry with me, but that you are my friend who cares about me very much.



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