TLIC Family. Day 335. December 1: Live as people who are free.


Are you free? Why or why not?


One of the greatest truths about Jesus and his good news is that he sets us free from all our slavery. Now you might be thinking “I’m not a slave.” But all of are born as slaves. But when we receive Jesus into our heart (our life) he sets us free from all our slavery. Slavery to sin – sin doesn’t control us anymore, and we no longer have to choose sin. And Jesus set us free from death – even though everyone will eventually die, the Christian will live again with God forever!

 But God doesn’t set us free so that we can do selfish things, or mean things, or disobedient things. He sets us free so that we can love him and love others. He sets us free to serve. We are set free so that we can be servants of God and servants of one another. Here’s how Peter explains it to us:

1 Peter 2:16. Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God.

A free slave? That doesn’t make any sense does it. In the old days, slaves were slaves because they were captured and all their freedom was taken away. They could never do what they really wanted to do. They could only do what they were forced to do.

But God wants us to know that we are totally free, and then he wants us to choose from our own free hearts to do whatever he asks us to do. And what does God ask us to do? Love! Care for others. Be kid to others. Tell others about the love of Jesus. God wants us to freely choose to be a “servant of God.” God wants us to use our freedom to do good things for others, including obeying those that God has put in charge of you.

But how do I do this? How do I learn to be a servant?

By first remembering that you are truly free in Jesus. Just like Jesus, God loves you and is taking care of you. You no longer have to look out for your own self. Like Jesus, you don’t have to fight to get what is yours, or to prove that you’re always right, or always the best. And like Jesus you will live with God in Heaven forever. And all that freedom means that you are now free to choose to share, and give, and not worry about getting what you think you deserve, because you really don’t deserve anything. You were set free by grace not by being good. But now that you’re free, you can finally do good. Even when it means being a servant.

Because of Jesus you are free.

With Jesus you can be a servant to all.


Have a “Freedom Dance Party” together. Just click the YouTube link below.



You use your freedom to love and serve me. Help me to do the same with my freedom today too.



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