Do you have a hard time finishing what you’ve started? (a puzzle, your homework, cleaning your room, etc.)


God always finishes what he started. He never leaves something undone.

For example, in Genesis the Bible tells us that God finished his work of creation:

Genesis 2:2. And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done. 

In the book of Exodus, God gave Moses a job to do – build the tabernacle. Do you remember what the tabernacle was? The tabernacle was the big tent where God would live with his people, and where the priests could come and meet with God and offer sacrifices to God for forgiveness and to praise and worship God. The tabernacle was a very big deal.

The book of Exodus starts out really exciting with miracles, and the ten plagues, and Passover, and crossing the Red Sea. But when the people get to Mount Sinai they stay there for a long time just building God’s tent for him. First God explains it all. Then they build it all.

And then one day the tabernacle was all done. Listen to how the book of Exodus ends:

Exodus 40:33-34. So Moses finished the work. 34 Then the cloud covered the tent of meeting, and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle. 

Moses finished the work. He built the tabernacle. He never gave up. He never quit.

It’s good for us to be like Moses isn’t it? We should finish the things we start. We should try to not quit in the middle of important things like doing homework, or chores, or even playing games.

But guess what, in Exodus, Moses isn’t supposed to be a picture of you and me. He’s a picture of Jesus. Moses building the tabernacle is a picture of how Jesus builds us. Does God still live in a tent? No. When we trust in Jesus, God lives inside our hearts. In the New Testament, the Apostle Paul says that Jesus Christ (God) “dwells in our hearts through faith.”

Is Jesus living in your heart? Is your faith in him? Are you trusting his love and his forgiveness to save you from your sin?

If you are, then Jesus is building you for God just like Moses built that tabernacle for God. Jesus is changing you, and making you more and more like him all the time. And he uses the good things in your life and the hard things in your life to help you learn to trust God more and more. And the more we trust God, the more we will be like Jesus. And making you like Jesus is THE work that God will never, ever quit until he’s finished.

Because of Jesus God will never give up on us.

With Jesus you can finish the things you start too.


Try doing a puzzle together. As you’re putting it together piece by piece talk about how God changes us a little bit at a time until we look like Jesus more and more – just like that puzzle looks like the picture more and more. And God will always finish the puzzle of you!



Thank you for never giving up on me. Please finish what you started in me and make me more like you.



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