Have you ever had something taken from you? What was it?


There’s a book in your Bible that tells an incredible story about a man who loved God very much. It’s called Job. Can you find the book of Job in your Bible?

Job was a good man who served God, and took care of his family and helped those around him who were in need. When we love God and others, and when we serve others and take care of them, the Bible calls that righteousness. Job was a righteous man. And Job was living a good life. He was healthy. He was rich. He had a beautiful family. And he worshiped God.

But one day Satan showed up in Heaven to accuse Job in front of God. Why? Because Satan hates God, and he hates you, and he hates everything good. And now Satan just wants to make the people who love God look bad. He is the great accuser, a giant tattle-tale, who tricks us into sinning and then tries to convince God that we are just as evil as he is.

Satan accused Job of only loving and obeying God because his life was so good and easy. But I God would take everything away from Job, then Job would stop loving and trusting God.

What’s hard to understand in Job’s story is that God said yes to Satan. God told Satan that he could take everything away from Job. His health, his animals, his servants, even his children. Job loses it all. But the Bible says that even when he lost everything, Job never sinned against God. He didn’t stop loving and trusting God. He didn’t curse God, but instead he blessed God. Listen to what Job said:

Job 1:21-22. And he said, “The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” 22 In all this Job did not sin or charge God with wrong.


No matter what Job decided to trust that God. He let God be in control of his life. And that is one of the most important lessons that any of us could ever learn isn’t it?

Jesus, like Job, had to trust God when everything was taken away from him on the cross. He knew that in the end everything would be given back to him and much more. God “took away” and then “gave” to Jesus. What did he give Jesus? You and me! And just like Jesus, everything we have to give up for God we will get back, and much more, in heaven.  

Because of Jesus no matter what happens we can know it is for our good.

With Jesus we can trust God no matter what, even if we have to give things up.


Ask your kids to list both some good things and some bad things that have happened to them recently. Talk to your kids about how we can praise God for all things, because God uses all things for our good.



Because you died on the cross for me I know I will live with God forever, and that is the better than anything I might gain or lose in my life.



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