What kind of words have you spoken today? Have they been hurtful or helpful?


Our words are very powerful aren’t they. Words can help people or words can really, really hurt people. Words make our ideas come alive. And words let us know about the person who is speaking the words. We know each other because of the words that we say to each other.

The Bible is full of the words of God. God’s words are the most powerful words in the universe. When God speaks things happen every time. God spoke and the world was created. When God speaks we learn about what kind of God he is. When God spoke creation into existence we learned how much he loves us, and how willing he was to share his life and power with us.

So far in this TLIC devotional we have read many of the words of God spoken and written by his prophets. Moses, David, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Haggai, Malachi, each spoke the word of God to his people and to us. But then for 400 years God didn’t say anything. 400 years of silence. That is until Jesus came. Jesus was the greatest prophet who ever lived. Finally, the people were able to hear the word of God again. Yay!

But in John’s gospel (a gospel is the story of Jesus) we learn that Jesus is much, much more than just a prophet who spoke the word of God. Listen to how the book of John begins:

John 1:1. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

Can you hear what John is saying? He’s saying that Jesus IS the word of God. Jesus doesn’t just speak words for God. He doesn’t just tell us what God says. He IS what God says. Every word of God reveals Jesus to us and every word and action of Jesus reveals God to us. We can know God not just by what he says, but by seeing all God’s words lived out in the life of Jesus his Son.

I know this is a bit confusing, but it’s also very important. Why? Because if God’s word were simply written down for us then we would have to try to obey everything God says perfectly and we simply can’t do that. None of us is perfect at obeying are we?

But if God’s words are IN Jesus, and if he has obeyed them all perfectly, then all we have to do is trust in Jesus. Instead of trusting in our own ability to obey God’s word we can simply trust in Jesus’ ability to BE God’s word. And that’s good news.

Because of Jesus we can know all about God and his love for us.

With Jesus we are counted as having obeyed all God’s words just like Jesus did.


Together call out some words that describe God. Talk about how all of these words are made real or made visible in the life of Jesus.



You are God’s word and you obeyed all of God’s commands. Help me to know God by knowing you better and better.



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