What are some of the hard things in life that you have to live with?


On the night before he died on the cross Jesus spoke these words to his disciples. Words that must have been very hard to hear but also words that should bring us great comfort. Here’s what he said:

John 16:33 I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.

What did you list as some of the hardest things in this world? Sickness? Mean people? Disappointments? Or maybe there’s something hard that your family is going through together.

Jesus tells us that this world is full of “tribulation.” Do you know what “tribulation” means? It means troubles. It’s your mom and dad’s job to protect you from trouble. The adults who love you watch out for you and try to keep you from being hurt on the inside and on the outside. And that’s a great thing.

But the truth is that no one can protect us from all the troubles that may come. No one can stop all the sickness, and all the bullies, and all the mistakes, and all the dangers that are in the world. And when Jesus says “in this life you WILL HAVE tribulation” he is letting us know that even he won’t stop all the bad things from happening to us.

This is very important for you to know as you grow up. Many Christians think that Jesus’ job is to make sure that we don’t have any troubles. And then when hard things come, they begin to doubt Jesus and his love. But Jesus didn’t promise us a life without troubles. He promised us a life beyond this life. An eternal life. A life where all the troubles have been overcome (defeated) by him and his love.

When we trust in Jesus to save us, we will be with him forever and there will be no more troubles. No more sadness, or sickness, or failures, or disappointments. No more hard things. Just peace.

Because of Jesus we know that we will go to be with God where there are no more troubles.

With Jesus we can have peace in our hearts knowing he always loves us and will rescue us.


Watch a movie with a happy ending where everything turns out right. Talk about how Jesus will bring the ultimate ending to all things bad when he overcomes the world once and for all.



You have overcome all the troubles of this world. I know you will be with me no matter what troubles I face. Help me feel your peace in my heart today.




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