Have you ever been told not to do something and then you really wanted to do it?


God’s laws are perfect, and holy, and good, and fair.

But we are rebellious, imperfect, selfish, sinners who want to do what we want to do.

So sometimes when we hear God’s law (his rules) it just makes us want to disobey. Like when you’ve been told not to eat the candy until after dinner, but then you sneak a piece anyway. Or when your teacher leaves the room and tells the class not to talk while she’s gone, but you talk anyway. Or when the sign at the pool says “No Running” but you run around anyway.

Even though laws and rules can be good and good for us, they can actually make us be bad. Here’s how the Apostle Paul said it to the Romans:

Romans 5:20. Now the law came in to increase the trespass, but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more,

Paul says that “the law increases the trespass.” That’s a fancy way of saying that very often rules make us want to sin more. The word “trespass” means rule-breaking. More rules = more rule breaking.

Does that describe you? Are you the type that says “Don’t tell me what to do?” Do you hear a rule and just want to break it when nobody’s looking (or even if they are looking)?

Or maybe you are a rule follower. Maybe you hear a rule and try really, really, hard to obey it. Maybe you hate getting into trouble. Does that describe you?

But even the person who tries really hard to obey can be sinning on the inside, even if they are obeying on the outside. The person who obeys every rule might be looking down on those who disobey. Or they might be obeying because they are afraid or because they are full of pride. 

There’s all kinds of ways to sin aren’t there. We can sin when we’re being bad and when we’re being good.

But here’s the good news – “where sin increased, grace abounded even more.”

God loves us no matter what. He loves us and has forgiven us no matter how we sin, or how much we sin. His grace is always bigger than our sin.

Because of Jesus God’s grace will always be there for us.

With Jesus we can choose to trust his grace especially when we sin.


Here’s a great hymn to sing together as a family.



My sin can never beat up your grace and forgiveness. Help me to trust your grace every day and choose love over being selfish.



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