Do you know what happened during Passion Week?


The week that Jesus died on the cross is often called Passion Week. A long time ago this word meant suffering. Because Jesus suffered for us during this week it is called Jesus’ Passion, or Passion Week.

On Thursday of Passion Week Jesus taught his disciples to love and to serve. He invited them to celebrate the Passover feast with him and then he washed their feet, something only a servant would do. Then he told them to love each other just like he loved them.

On Friday of Passion Week Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

On Saturday of Passion Week Jesus’ body was in the grave, but his spirit went to Heaven. The disciples didn’t know what was going on. All they knew is that their best friend and teacher was gone and they wanted to be with him again.

On Sunday of Passion Week Jesus rose from the dead! Death and sin were conquered forever.

All of these things that happened to Jesus during Passion Week are what make it possible for us to be saved from our sins and connected to Jesus forever. And because we are connected to Jesus we go through Jesus’ Passion Week, not physically like he did, but spiritually. And we go through it backwards.

Here’s how Paul explains it in Philippians 3:

Philippians 3:10. that I may know him and the power of his resurrection, and may share his sufferings, becoming like him in his death,

Paul is showing us how to live Jesus’ Passion Week backwards. Backwards? Yes, from Sunday to Thursday.

First comes Sunday: We have been resurrected out of our sin to new life in Jesus.

Then comes Saturday: We miss Jesus and want to be with him because life is hard.

Then comes Friday: We have to put our bad thoughts and choices to death when we are tempted to sin.

Then comes Thursday: We choose to serve others instead of being self-centered all the time.

Jesus went from serving to death to life. We go from life to death to serving. Because we have all of Jesus’ life and all of his love we don’t have to be afraid to sacrifice for others. We can love others and share what we have with them. We can be kind and get to know them. And maybe we can even share Jesus with them too.

Because of Jesus we will live forever with God in his love and forgiveness.

With Jesus we can live for God and others like Jesus did.


Here’s a video of Jesus washing the disciple’s feet. Talk about how washing feet is not just about us obeying a command from Jesus but the natural outflow of being connected to Jesus.



You went from dying to living for me. Help me go from living to dying for you.



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