Have you ever made something and been very pleased with it? What was it?


Genesis 1:31. And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good. 

When God was finished creating everything he looked at it all and said that it was all very good. He was very happy with everything he had made. Why? Because everything God made did exactly what it was supposed to do. That’s what the word “good” means. Apple trees are good when they grow and produce apples. Birds are good when they fly in the sky. Dogs are good when they do what dogs do (what do dogs do?).

When something is good, when it is doing what God made it to do, that honors God and makes him very happy.

Are you good? Do you always do everything that you are supposed to do? Do you always make God happy? Are you always kind? Are you always helpful? Do you always tell God thank you for all he’s done for you? 

The Bible says that because of sin none of us are good. None of us do everything we are supposed to do. We are all like a broken toy sometimes. In fact, there’s only been one person who was always good all of the time – Jesus! Jesus always loved others. Jesus always loved God. Jesus always gave God the credit. Jesus always obeyed. Jesus was always kind. God always looks at Jesus and says, “Behold, he is very good.”

We can never be good on our own. We can never do everything the way we are supposed to. That’s why we need Jesus to be good for us. And he is! And when we trust that Jesus is good for us, then God will call us “very good” too. Just like Jesus.

Because of Jesus it’s OK if we aren’t good all the time because he was good for us.

With Jesus and his love for us, we can be good too!


Find a toy that is good – one that does exactly what it was made to do. Find a toy that is broken – it no longer does what it was made to do. Talk about how we are like that broken toy but Jesus is fixing us.


Jesus, thank you for always being good. Help me to be good and do what God wants me to do knowing that you love me no matter what, even when I’m bad. Amen.

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