How are people different from everything else God made?


When God made the first person, Adam, he didn’t just speak him into existence like he did everything else. Adam was formed by God from the dirt. Have you ever formed something out of clay or playdough? That’s how God made Adam’s body. And then the Bible says that God breathed into Adam and he came to life. He became a living soul. Here’s how the Bible says it:

Genesis 2:7. the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living soul.

Did you know that you are also very special like Adam? Like Adam you are a “living soul.” In fact, just like Adam you have three parts: a body, a spirit, and a soul.

Just like Adam, God formed your body. He chose your skin and eye color, how tall you would be, and even how many hairs you would have. Your body is pretty amazing isn’t it? That’s why God wants us to take care of our bodies and respect other people’s bodies too. We must never hurt other people or make fun of people for how they look because God made them.

And just like Adam, you have a spirit. Your spirit is the invisible part of you that lets you be connected to God and to everyone else.

And finally, just like Adam, you are a soul. When your body and your spirit come together you become a living soul that thinks, feels, and makes choices.  

You are very special to God. God loves every part of you – your body, your spirit, and your soul.

But all three parts of you are also damaged by sin. Sin is the selfish thoughts and choices that we make that disobey God. Sin hurts our bodies (we get hurt or sick), and our spirits (we get selfish), and our souls (we get angry and mean).

But there’s good news! The Bible says that Jesus came to fix all three parts of us. Jesus is our savior who came to die for our sins so that we can have a new spirit, a new body, and a new soul.

Because of Jesus we can have a new spirit, body, and soul.

With Jesus we can use our spirit, soul, and body to love and help others.


Form something out of clay or playdough together. Talk about how God took the time to mold and shape us. Only God could bring his creation to life. And that’s what he did with us!


Jesus, thank you for loving my spirit, body, and soul. Help me to trust you and make good choices and do kind things. Amen.

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