What do you enjoy learning about?  


Proverbs 1:5. Let the wise hear and increase in learning,

The word learning that Solomon uses means to study something. What do you like to study? What have you been studying in school? At church?

A very important truth that we all need to learn as we grow up is that you can have lots of knowledge and still not be wise. But you cannot be wise without having knowledge. To be wise you have to increase in learning. You have to want to know things. To be wise you have to know about God, and about people, about yourself, and about life and death, and hate and love, and good and evil. And then you have to be able to take everything you are learning and use it in not only good ways, but the best ways. The ways that will help others the most.

Did you know that even Jesus had to learn things? The Bible says that he grew in wisdom. Jesus wasn’t born knowing everything. Just like you, he had to learn from the people around him, his mom and dad and teachers. And Jesus was always able to take what he knew and use it to make the best decisions. The decisions that would help people the most. He always knew the best thing to say and the best thing to do.

We need to learn about Jesus. What was he like? What did he do? Do you like to hear stories about Jesus? What is your favorite Jesus story?

But wisdom isn’t just learning ABOUT Jesus, it is learning that we can trust Jesus with our whole life, just like Jesus trusted his heavenly father with his whole life. We need to learn about how Jesus lived, but then we need to learn how to live like Jesus. That’s wisdom.

Because of Jesus we can learn how to live.

With Jesus we can live like he did.


Share your favorite Jesus’ stories (draw them or act them out). Be sure to talk through how they show Jesus’ faith in his Heavenly Father.


Jesus, you had to grow and learn and become wise as you trusted your Father in Heaven. Help me to learn to trust you in that same way. Amen.


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