Who do you try to please the most?


Proverbs 1:7. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.

This is one of the most important verses in the Old Testament, maybe even the whole Bible. Why? Because it tells us that God has to be at the center of our life or we will end up being a fool.

What is at the center of your life? What do you care about the most? Think about the most? What makes you the most happy? The most sad? Who are you trying to please the most? Who do you listen to the most?

As you grow up lots of different things will be very important to you. And these things will change over time. Maybe you used to like animals a lot, but now you like sports the most. Or maybe you used to obey everything mom and dad said, but now that you’re getting older you are listening to your friends more and more, and caring about what they think.

That’s what King Solomon calls fear. We used to fear (listen to and care about) what our parents said the most, but now we fear what our friends think. Just remember that you friends will come and go, but your mom and dad and grandparents will love you forever.

And God will love you forever and even better than your family will. That’s why if we are wise we will always keep God at the center of our life. We will always care what he says and thinks the most. And how do we know what God cares about? How do we know what he thinks? By looking at Jesus. By reading about Jesus in the Bible. Jesus and his cross show us that God will always love us no matter what. He will always do what is best for us. And that means we can always fear the Lord – love, serve, obey, listen to, and honor him.

Because of Jesus we can know what God cares about and how he thinks.

With Jesus we can fear God and make him the center of our life.


Draw a target together with a bullseye and then three concentric circles. Write “God” in the bullseye. On the first circle closest to the bullseye write words like Mom and Dad and Grandma, Grandpa. On the next circle write words like Church, Pastors, Teachers. And on the last circle write the word Friends. Talk about how God has given us all these relationships to point us to him. But in the end we always care what God thinks the most.


Jesus, I want you to be the center of my life. Teach me to fear God and to care about what he cares about the most. Amen.


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