What kinds of things do your mom and dad teach you?


Proverbs 1:8. Hear, my son, your father’s instruction, and forsake not your mother’s teaching,

Solomon uses the word son 93 times in the book of Proverbs. Why is that? Because the book of Proverbs was meant to be used by dads and moms to teach their children how to be wise. Who teaches you how to be wise? Who teaches you how to know what to do? Is it your dad and mom? Step dad? Step mom? Grandparents? Uncle? Aunt? Big sister? Big brother?

God gives us families to help us grow up in wisdom. That’s why we should listen to our parents. Dads and moms give us instruction – they tell us what is the best thing to do and correct us when we do wrong things. They also give us teaching – they point us in the right direction. Solomon uses a special word here for teaching. It is the Hebrew word torah which is also what the Israelites called the Bible. The Bible is one big wisdom book. It is God’s wisdom book. It tells us how to live our lives by trusting God and trusting in Jesus and what he did for us on the cross.

Do your mom and dad teach you the Bible?

Moms and dads, when you teach your children the Bible make sure you aren’t just using it as a book of moral stories meant to teach your kids how to be nice. Make sure you teach the true wisdom of God in Jesus Christ – wisdom that says we need a Savior to take away our sins and make us new. And because we have a Savior in Jesus, we can trust in the Lord with our whole heart.

Because of Jesus we are made brand new.  

With Jesus we can learn how to live like we’re new from our dads and moms and the Bible.


Share your favorite Bible stories with each other. How does your favorite story point to your need of a Savior? How does it point to Jesus as our Savior?  


Jesus, you aren’t an add-on to my life to make me nice. You are a Savior who makes me brand new! Amen.


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