Look up the definition of complacency. What does it mean?  


Proverbs 1:32. the complacency of fools destroys them.

Complacency. That’s a big word that means you’re OK with doing as little as possible, just enough to get by. The complacent person stops doing their best usually when everything is going well. “Nothing bad can happen” we think. And so we stop trying.  

“We crushed that team last time, so we don’t have to try hard today.” “I’ve already got an A, so why do this last assignment?” “All my friends like me, so I can make fun of them.” “I’m already the best at this, so why bother working so hard?”

Such complacency destroys us. How? When we become over-confident, and stop caring about things, or stop trying our best, it only leads to the bad habit of never working hard. Then, when things really do get harder for us (and they will), we don’t know how to do the hard work that is required.

More importantly, being complacent proves that we only do things for ourselves and not for God and his glory. We only study enough to get the grade.  We only practice until it’s “good enough” to pass. We only obey to stay out of trouble. We might even only trust God to get us to heaven, but not trust him to be in charge of our life on earth. Using God to get what we want like this is not loving or wise.  

Remember, you don’t have to BE the best, but you should always DO your best at whatever you do because that honors God who gave you everything to enjoy – sports, music, school, friends, work, play. And also remember that Jesus is never complacent with you. He always gives his ALL for you. He never does the minimum. He never says “that’s good enough.” He did everything for you on the cross and he still does everything for you today.

Because of Jesus we know that God will do everything for us.

With Jesus we can always do our best, even if it’s not THE best (that’s OK).


Do you have nightly chores? Encourage each other to do your best!


Jesus, you always give me your best. Help me to give others mine. Amen.


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