Have you ever gone searching for a treasure? Did you find it?


Proverbs 2:4. if you seek [wisdom] like silver and search for it as for hidden treasures,

A couple days ago I was staying at the beach. Walking around on the sand there was a man with a metal detector searching for hidden treasure. Maybe a rare coin had washed up on shore. Or maybe someone lost their watch. Either way he was looking for something valuable but hidden.

Wisdom is like that. It is valuable and hidden. Nobody is born wise. In fact, like we said a few days ago, we are born “simple.” We aren’t born knowing and loving God. We aren’t born caring about him and others; we mostly just care about ourselves. We have to find wisdom. We have to chase after it like buried treasure.

Everybody in the world is chasing after something. Everyone is searching for a “treasure” to make their life feel good. For many people that treasure is success or just being happy. “Be the best! Do what makes you happy. You do you. Follow your heart.” Have you ever heard something like this?

In the New Testament Jesus says that he chases after us like a treasure. Jesus is like a woman who lost her precious coin and then looked everywhere to find it. Jesus is like a shepherd who loses his little lamb, but then goes out into the desert at night to find it. True wisdom is believing that Jesus loves us that much. That he searches for us like treasure. True wisdom is making Jesus your treasure because he has already made you his treasure.

Because of Jesus we are God’s treasure.

With Jesus we don’t have to search for anything else to make us happy.


Plan a treasure hunt for your family. Or simply play hide and seek. Talk about how Jesus isn’t hiding – we are. But he has found us!


Jesus, knowing you is the best treasure ever! Help me to search for you knowing that you have already found me. Help me to love you knowing that you have already loved me.


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