Do you like Easter egg hunts? Why?


Proverbs 2:5. then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.

At my church we do an Easter egg hunt each year. All the kids line up behind a rope and then, when the rope drops, the kids scramble off to find as many eggs as they can. They have to “hunt” for the eggs. But it’s not a very difficult hunt because the eggs are all really bright, and just lying there on the grass in a big open field. In fact, we have to limit how many eggs can be taken by each child.

Yesterday we looked at Proverbs 2:4 where Solomon tells his children to search (or hunt) for wisdom. But our hunt for wisdom is like hunting for those Easter eggs at my church. You see, God isn’t hiding his wisdom from us. He’s not putting it where we’ll never look. He’s not covering it up with rocks or hay. He’s not trying to trick us. He would never say that we can know him when we really can’t.

Here is God’s promise to us: If you look for God, you will always find him. If you want his wisdom, he will always give it to you. If you want to know him, he has made himself known.

How do I know? Because Jesus is how God has made himself known. Jesus is how God makes us wise. And Jesus is always visible, never hidden, always near, never far, always knowable, never unknowable. Do you know Jesus? Do you know and trust what he did for you on the cross? Then you are wise beyond belief!

Because of Jesus we can know God.

With Jesus knowing God better is easy, not tricky or hard.


Egg hunt anyone? If the Easter eggs aren’t handy you could use candy or small toys. Make your hunt super easy, just like God has made knowing him through Jesus super easy too.


Jesus, thank you for making God easy to see, easy to find, and easy to know. Help me to always look to you when I want to know God better. Amen.


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