Can we hear God?


Proverbs 2:6. For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.

God gives wisdom. How? By his mouth. His word.

Everything God has ever said has been wise. It hasn’t just been good; it’s been the best. What he says is not just true, it is helpful. God doesn’t simply tell us what life is; he tells us how to live. And how to do it in the best way possible. That’s why we should always listen to God first and most.

Do you listen to God? How? How do we hear from God?

We hear from God in two ways that should never, ever be separated: The Bible, and Jesus. First, we hear from God through the Bible. God wrote the Bible. The Bible is full of the wisdom of God, with knowledge and understanding about how to live. For example, the Bible tells us to love God and love others, and that is the best way to live. That’s wisdom.

The second way we hear from God is through Jesus. When Jesus talks God is talking because Jesus IS God. But Jesus never says anything different from the Bible. Jesus wrote the Bible and the Bible is all about Jesus. Because Jesus lives in our hearts, he will speak to our hearts about how to be wise and how to live the best way – like him. And when we blow it and don’t live like him, he speaks to our hearts again and says, “I have forgiven you and I will always love you.”

Because of Jesus God can speak to us.

With Jesus we can hear God speaking through the Bible and in our hearts.


Play the “Telephone Game.” This is the game where sentence gets whispered from person to person and you see if it remains the same by time it reaches the last family member. Talk about how the Bible and Jesus will never sound different.


Jesus, help me to listen to you and your wisdom. And when I fail, help me to know that you still love me no matter what. Amen.


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