Are you righteous? Why or why not.


Proverbs 2:20. So you will walk in the way of the good and keep to the paths of the righteous.

In the Old Testament the word righteous was an extremely important word. God wants his people to be righteous above all else. Sometimes we think that this word means to simply “not be bad.” But when God tells us here in Proverbs to keep to the paths of the righteous, he is telling us to do much more than to stay out of trouble.

Simply put: You can’t do nothing and be righteous.

To be righteous means that you are actively trying to help others. To meet their needs. To watch out for those who are weak or disadvantaged. The righteous person will do things to help others even when it hurts to do it. Like giving away your things or taking time to help. Or maybe standing up for someone, being their friend, might make you less popular. But that choice was both righteous and wise. Why? Because you loved what God loves.

Can you be righteous?

Here’s the problem. In the New Testament, the Apostle Paul writes that “None is righteous, no not one.” In order to go to Heaven, you must be counted by God as righteous. But nobody really is. Nobody always does things to help others without being selfish about it. And that is why we must have the righteousness of Jesus. He alone always walked in the way of the good and kept to the path of the righteous. That’s why you must let him be your substitute before God today and every day before you can ever hope to be righteous.

Because of Jesus we are counted righteous by God.

With Jesus we can be righteous, kind, and sharing today.


Read Romans 3:21-26 together and talk about how God solved our righteousness problem through the sacrifice of Jesus.


Jesus, you are my righteousness! Your goodness is credited to me before God. Thank you. Help me to be righteous today like you are. Amen.


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