Have you ever been carried by your mom or dad? When do they usually carry you?


Proverbs 3:5. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.

This verse is one of the most loved verses in all the Bible, and for good reason. Proverbs 3:5 is basically a summary of the entire Bible, and of our entire relationship with God. Why do I say that? Because there is nothing more important than trusting God with your whole heart. More than anything else, God wants us to trust him, and the whole Bible is meant to teach us how to do just that.

Likely when you were little (or even still) mom and dad have had to carry you at times. Maybe you fell and got hurt. Maybe you were tired or asleep. Maybe it was too dangerous for you to walk on you own, and so they scooped you up into their arms and carried you to where you needed to be. In that moment of being carried you were trusting them with all your heart. I can imagine that you wrapped your arms around their neck and let them carry you off to a place of safety or rest.

Did you know that you can believe in God without trusting God? Did you know that you can even obey God without trusting God? Remember, to trust God is to let him carry you. It is to let God and no one or nothing else be your savior. As you grow up it will be more and more tempting to trust other things instead of God, especially yourself (we’ll talk more about that tomorrow). But God wants us to trust him alone, because he alone died for us on the cross and took away our sins. Jesus alone picks us up and keeps us safe. Jesus alone lets us rest in his arms telling us that everything is going to be alright in the end. Jesus alone will never break our heart. He will carry us through everything and into Heaven forever.

Because of Jesus God will carry you all the way to Heaven.  

With Jesus you can always trust God.


Look at photos of your kids being carried by you or others. How do these pictures make you feel? How do you think you felt when you were being carried?


Jesus, I trust you. I know that you will carry me through everything in life and love me no matter what. Amen.


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