Do you have any wealth? How do you get money?


Proverbs 3:9. Honor the Lord with your wealth and with the firstfruits of all your produce.

Did you know that Jesus talked about money more than anything else? Even more than he talked about Heaven. Do you know why? Because money (wealth) is something that has a lot of power to control our hearts. Do you know what greed is? Greed is when you want more and more money. Jesus said that greed is a sin that can destroy our lives.

Are you greedy? Do you want more and more money? More and more things? Solomon tells his kids to honor God with their wealth. What do you think that means? Well it means that you are generous and that you share your money. You see, God doesn’t need your money, but other people might. Poor people might. People in need of help might.

When Solomon talks about the firstfruits he is talking about God’s law that said that a farmer was supposed to give the first part of his crops to help the poor, even though he didn’t know what would happen with the rest of his crop. Usually people give to God and others with their leftovers not with their firstfruits. But faith and love give first not last.

That’s what Jesus did. In fact, Jesus gave us everything didn’t he? Not just the firstfruits and definitely not the leftovers. He gave his own life to save us. He left all his wealth behind and became poor for us so that we could share all (not some) of his wealth in Heaven one day. When we trust in Jesus we will share all of his riches, that’s why we don’t have to be greedy and hold on to our stuff today. We can share knowing that Jesus has shared everything with us.  

Because of Jesus we will share in all God’s wealth forever.

With Jesus we can share our wealth with others without fear.


Talk with you kids about how they can honor God with their money. Make a plane to be a giver – to the church, to the needy, to help others.


Jesus, you gave everything to me, help me to trust you and not be greedy. Amen.


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