Have you ever felt bad about something you did wrong?


Proverbs 4:14-16. 14Do not enter the path of the wicked, and do not walk in the way of the evil. 15Avoid it; do not go on it; turn away from it and pass on. 16For they cannot sleep unless they have done wrong; they are robbed of sleep unless they have made someone stumble.

As we’ve said before, paths always take you somewhere. When you choose the path of the wicked it will take you further and further into a life of sin and evil.

This is an extremely important lesson for you to learn – your actions change you. Doing something once makes it easier to do it twice. And then three times, four times, five times… Being selfish once makes it easier to be selfish again. Lying once makes it easier to lie again. Picking on other students at school once makes it easier to do it again and again. Pretty soon all you think about is doing bad things – they cannot sleep unless they have done wrong.

Thankfully this same “principle of the path” is true on the good side too. Doing something good can lead to doing another good thing, and another good thing, and pretty soon you actually enjoy doing good things. You go to bed at night thinking about how good it feels to be helpful, kind, and polite.

The great thing about knowing Jesus and having him live inside of our hearts is that he is in control of your heart, not you. So when you sin and start down a wicked path, he is constantly guiding you back to the right path. How? By making you feel bad about your sin and by disciplining you when necessary. The more you listen to the discipline of Jesus, the more you will choose the right thing to do. Eventually those good choices will make you feel good inside and produce joy and happiness.

Because of Jesus we are being guided to good paths by God himself.  

With Jesus we can make good choices.


Make a “Choice Sorting” chart with two columns: Good Choices – Bad Choices. Have your kids draw or list things that are good or bad choices they might make today.


Jesus, I don’t want to go on the wicked path. Help me to listen to you and to make choices that are loving and full of trust in you. Amen.


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