Have you ever run in a race?


Proverbs 4:25. Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you.

Have you ever watched the 100 meter or 200 meter races in the Olympics? Those sprinters take off running and they look straight ahead at the finish line the whole time. But every so often you’ll see a runner look to the left or to the right to check and see how close the other runners are. And what happens? That’s right, they get distracted and slow down just enough to lose the race.

Remember, Solomon is telling us how to guard or protect our hearts (v.23). The way we guard our heart is by looking straight ahead to the finish line like a good sprinter does. What is the finish line for Christians? It is knowing, loving, and being with Jesus. We guard our hearts by trusting in Jesus and his love for us on the cross. But how do we keep trusting Jesus each and every day? By looking straight ahead at him at the finish line. By always remembering where we are headed and what the goal of our salvation is. Here’s how Paul says it in the book of Philippians – I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, look straight ahead at Jesus. Don’t let what others do bother you and keep you from trusting God. Don’t let the things you see tempt you to be selfish and greedy. Keep looking at Jesus! He is your prize. He is your reward. He is your trophy. One day we will be with him and we will be like him. Don’t let anything else distract you from knowing and trusting this truth – we are becoming like Jesus.

Because of Jesus we know that we are becoming like him.

With Jesus we can avoid being distracted by selfish things.


Go outside and practice running straight ahead (like a sprinter). Set up a finish line to look at. Talk about how we must always look at Jesus if we are going to not get distracted and be tripped up by sin.


Jesus, help me to keep my eyes on you every day. I can’t wait to be completely like you some day. Amen.


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