Has your family ever planned a road trip?  


Proverbs 4:26. Ponder the path of your feet; then all your ways will be sure.

Two hundred years ago there weren’t paved roads in many places. But then somebody pondered the path. They planned where roads should be, built bridges over rivers, and tunnels through mountains and created level and safe paths for driving. When you go on a road trip you ponder where you want to go and how you will get there. (Of course GPS makes this much easier today.)

In the same way, the wise person plans out what choices they will make, how they will live, and how they will respond to things. The wise person removes the things that will get in the way of trusting God and caring about others. For example, if the video game system only creates fights between you and your brother, then maybe you need to ponder that video game system. Make a plan for how you can avoid fighting over it. Or if you put off doing your school work until the last minute and then always get frustrated by it, ponder your path. Make a plan to work on your homework right away so that you can have less stress.

Do you think about what you do before you do it? Do you make plans for how you will respond to both good and bad things? Are you being careful about who you let influence you? Do you learn from past mistakes and try hard to not repeat them?

When you are joined to Jesus by faith in him your path has already been pondered by him. He has laid out a path for you that will make you more and more like him and lead you all the way home to Heaven. Ponder THAT path. Think about what Jesus has done for you and how he wants to live and love through you. Then you can make choices that look like him.

Because of Jesus our path to God is planned out by him.

With Jesus we can think about what we do before we do it.


Take a drive together. Talk about how somebody planned out the roads you are driving on. Talk about how Jesus has planned out our path to God too.


Jesus, thank you for planning my future. Help me to ponder that every day. Amen.


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