Have you ever walked on a tightrope or a balance beam?   


Proverbs 4:27. Do not swerve to the right or to the left;

On the path of life, it is crucial that we stay on the way of wisdom. If you swerve to the right – trouble. If you swerve to the left – trouble. Think about a tightrope walker. The tightrope walker has to walk slowly and surely straight ahead. If they turn their foot in either direction they will fall. Yikes.

But what is the path of wisdom? Well, that’s what Proverbs has been all about. Wisdom is about fearing God. Not being afraid of God, but rather respecting, honoring, worshiping, loving, and obeying him. To fear God is to care about what he cares about. To swerve off of the path of God is to care more about other things than you care about God, especially yourself and what will make you feel good.

God wants us to share, but you want it all for yourself – SWERVE.

God wants us to be truthful, but a little lie will get you out of trouble – SWERVE.

God wants us to be kind, but everyone else is already picking on her so why not join in – SWERVE.

When you are a Christian, your straight path is Jesus. We set our eyes upon him (Heb. 12:1-2) and we press toward the finish line of knowing him (Phil. 3:14). The great thing about being joined to Jesus is that he won’t ever let us swerve too far. He is always nudging us back onto the path of trusting him and his love. Sometimes he uses a sad feeling inside of us, and sometimes he uses your parents or teachers to correct you and keep you from swerving. But like that tightrope it is one step at a time for the rest of your life. A life of trusting Jesus no matter what.

Because of Jesus God won’t let us off his path.

With Jesus we can always keep from swerving.


Practice walking on something that requires balance or watch videos of tightrope walking. Talk about how with Jesus we can walk with him each day.


Jesus, help me walk straight to you, even when I am tempted to do wrong. Amen.


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