Have you ever had to run away from something bad or dangerous?


Proverbs 4:27. turn your foot away from evil.

Turn around! Run! Get out of there! Move it! Watch out!

These are the kinds of things you yell at someone when they are headed toward danger. Have you ever been headed toward danger? Maybe you’ve seen a little toddler headed toward the street but mom or dad turns them around toward safety. In that moment that baby’s foot was turned away from evil.

Solomon wants his children to be able to do two things: 1) know evil when they see it, and 2) turn and walk away from it. Can you do these two things? Do you know evil when you see it? Do you run away from bad things and situations, and run toward Jesus and his grace instead?

But how can we know what is evil? Well here’s the trick – you don’t know what evil is by looking around for evil. You know what evil is by looking at God and Jesus and his goodness. If it doesn’t look like Jesus, then it is not good. It is evil. But what does Jesus look like? Jesus looks like kindness, compassion, humility, peace, obedience, respect, faith, and grace. Jesus looks like trusting God even it means things are very, very hard.

If it doesn’t look like trusting God and being like Jesus – RUN AWAY! Remember, when you are with Jesus you never have to sin. You can always turn away.

2 Timothy 2:22. So flee youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.

Because of Jesus we are free from the control of sin and evil.

With Jesus we can run away from sin and evil.


Play a chasing game together where someone is “it” or “the monster” and everyone has to keep away. Talk about how we need to run away from sin like this.


Jesus, I want to look at you the most so that I am not tricked by evil. Help me to run away from sin when I am tempted. Amen.


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