Do you listen to your teachers?


Proverbs 5:13. I did not listen to the voice of my teachers or incline my ear to my instructors.

The person in this proverbs was not wise. How do we know? Because they did not listen to the voice of their teachers. Do you listen to your teachers? I hope so.

God gives us wise teachers to help us as we grow up. Some of our teachers teach us about God and Jesus and the good news of salvation through the cross of Jesus. Other teachers might teach us about other subjects like math or science. They are teaching us about something God created. The teachers you have are a gift from God to help train you and instruct you. When you listen to your teachers, respecting and obeying them, you are listening to, obeying and respecting God too.

But it can be hard to listen to the teacher can’t it? Sometimes what the teacher is saying is something we don’t want to hear. Especially if they are correcting us. Or maybe sometimes we think we already know it all. Teachers often repeat things, don’t they? But it is a foolish person who doesn’t listen to their teachers. Even when they correct us, and even when they are repeating things over and over.

Of course, when Jesus was on earth he was a great teacher. People would come from miles away to hear Jesus teach. Do you think he ever corrected his students? Do you think he ever had to repeat his lessons? Yes, he did. And now that Jesus lives inside our hearts by the Holy Spirit he is still doing the same. He still corrects us and he still reminds us over and over and over of how much God loves us.

Are you listening?

Because of Jesus we have the best teacher ever, the Holy Spirit, living in our hearts.

With Jesus we are being taught about God’s love all the time.


Do something for your teachers (school, church, coaches) to show them that you appreciate them and are listening to them.


Jesus, teach me God’s love for me today, and help me to listen to you and the teachers you have given to me. Amen.


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