Have you ever been left out of something because you couldn’t obey?


Proverbs 5:14. I am at the brink of utter ruin in the assembled congregation.

Yesterday our speaker said that he didn’t listen to his teachers. What was the result of ignoring his teachers? Well, it’s not good that’s for sure. He says that he is on the brink of utter ruin in the assembled congregation. What does that mean?

The brink of utter ruin (destruction) means that he disobeyed so much that he almost lost everything. He kept getting into more and more trouble, and was punished so much, that there was almost nothing left to take away from him. Wow. Hopefully you’ve never been in that much trouble.

In the assembled congregation means that his sin and disobedience was known by everyone else. Like being called out in front of everyone by your teacher, missing recess, or having detention at school. Or at home being put in time out or being yelled at by mom or dad in front of your brothers and sisters. Or sometimes in church people who won’t listen to God and to their spiritual teachers, get talked about in front of everyone else. At my church, sometimes when people won’t listen they even get voted out of the church. Yikes.

Proverbs 5:14 is a warning for those of us who don’t like to listen. Ignoring your good and godly teachers will always lead to ruin.

The good news is that with Jesus we don’t ever have to live on the brink of ruin. We don’t have to be removed from the congregation (the group). With Jesus we can always see our sin and turn away from it toward him. Jesus is the best teacher ever, and he has given us a new heart that loves and trusts him. His path is not the path of ruin, it is the path of everlasting life.

Because of Jesus we are on the path of everlasting life, not ruin.

With Jesus we can turn from our sin each day and listen to God instead.


Find something in your house or garage that is old and ruined. Or find pictures of old houses or ancient ruins. Things get ruined when their owners stop taking care of them. Jesus will never stop taking care of you. He will never let you be ruined.


Jesus, thank you for keeping me from utter ruin by your love and grace. Amen.


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