Have you ever hidden something from someone? Why did you hide it?


Proverbs 5:21. For a man’s ways are before the eyes of the Lord, and he ponders all his paths.

There is no such thing as a secret sin. God sees everything and knows everything that we do. Everything you do is done right in front of God. Have you ever tried to hide something from someone? Have you ever tried to hide from God? Many people in the Bible have tried to hide from God haven’t they?

  • Adam and Eve tried to hide when they ate the fruit.
  • Achan tried to hide the treasure he stole.
  • Jonah tried to hide from God on a boat.
  • Ananias and Sapphira tried to hide their money from God.

We are fools when we think God doesn’t see us and know everything we do. We are wise when we live our lives before God, knowing that he sees everything. Which way do you live?

Jesus is the only person who ever lived in wisdom all the time. He knew that his Heavenly Father was with him all the time and watching everything he did. But that didn’t scare him. It comforted him. Living his life in front of God gave him his reason to live – to bring glory to God.

When we have Jesus living in our hearts we can live boldly in front of God too. Yes, we will still sin. Yes, we may even foolishly try to hide our sin from God. But when we remember that God has forgiven all our sins through Jesus, then, and only then, can we live a wise life in front of God knowing that he sees all we do, and that’s a good thing. He still loves us no matter what. And when we believe in that love we will never feel like we have to hide from God again.

Because of Jesus God sees everything we do.

With Jesus we can boldly live our life in front of God.


Play “eye spy.” Talk about how God “spies” everything with his “big eye.”  


Jesus, I am not afraid to live my life in front of you. You see everything I do and that’s OK. Amen.

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