Can you tell what is in your heart? Love? Peace? Happiness? Anger? Frustration? Pride?


Proverbs 6:14. [The wicked person] with perverted heart devises evil, continually sowing discord;

Wisdom reminds us that evil comes from a wicked heart. We always do what we think is the most satisfying, the most pleasing. So when we do something bad it is because we wanted to do that bad thing. It’s that simple. Solomon calls this having a perverted heart. A twisted heart. A bad heart. We do bad things because we want to do bad things. If our heart is perverted or twisted, then we will do things that God doesn’t want us to do.

One of those things is sowing discord. Discord is a word that means fights, arguments, strife, anger. To put it simply, the person with a twisted heart goes around stirring up trouble. How? Maybe through tattletaling, or gossiping, or convincing someone to do something wrong. Maybe by complaining, arguing, or being a know-it-all who corrects everyone all the time. Do you ever stir up discord in your house? At school? If you do it’s because you have a heart problem. You want the wrong thing.

The good news is that Jesus doesn’t just tell us what to do, he actually changes our heart. He untwists it. He gives us a deeper desire for God and for good. How? By living inside of us and loving us no matter what. When you trust in Jesus, the Bible says that he slowly changes your heart to trust him, love him, and love others. Are you seeing your heart change a little bit at a time? Can you tell that Jesus is untwisting your heart?

Because of Jesus we have a new heart.

With Jesus we don’t have to cause trouble and stir up discord.


Have everyone choose one of these that they need to confess and ask Jesus to help with: Anger, Gossip, Tattletaling, Arguing, Complaining, or Know-it-all. Take some time to pray for each other.


Jesus, keep changing my heart. I don’t want to make people mad at each other. Help me to sow peace not trouble. Amen.


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