Do you know wat the word haughty means?


Proverbs 6:16-17. 16There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: 17haughty eyes.

God hates sin. Solomon is listing the sins that God hates. Of course, God hates all sin but these seven sins are ones that God really disapproves of.

The first one is haughty eyes, or proud eyes. The word is actually “high eyes.” Like when you roll your eyes at mom and dad. Or when you look down on someone just because they are different from you, or do something you think is wrong.

Do you have haughty eyes? Proud eyes? Do you roll your eyes or glare at people when your angry? Do you look down on people as though they are less than you? Or have you learned to look people in the eye in order to get to know them better?

Jesus never looked at anyone with haughty eyes. Jesus is the opposite of haughty, he is humble. Jesus doesn’t look down on you or past you. He never rolls his eyes at you. He says keep your eyes on me just like I keep my eyes on you. And when we keep our eyes on Jesus we won’t want to be haughty, we will be humble and learn to look others in the eye with compassion and kindness.

Because of Jesus we are looked at by God with humble eyes.

With Jesus we can look at others with eyes of kindness.


Practice looking in the mirror with haughty eyes and humble eyes (kind eyes). Have fun with it. Who has the best “humble eyes?”


Jesus, keep me humble not haughty as I keep my eyes on you. Amen.


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