Do you have a nightlight in your house? Where?


Proverbs 6:23. For the commandment is a lamp and the teaching a light, and the reproofs of discipline are the way of life,

Have you ever had to walk around in the dark? We all need light in order to see where we are going, don’t we? The Bible gives us God’s light to see where we are going in life. When Mom and dad teach you the Bible they too are God’s light for your life. That’s the easy news.

The harder news is that we also need God’s reproofs. His corrections. His discipline. And we need our parent’s reproofs, corrections, and disciplines too. If the light of God’s teaching shows us his path, then his disciplines are what keep us on the path. Have you ever had to hold mom or dad’s hand while crossing over something dangerous or unsteady? That’s discipline. When God corrects us and says “hold my hand,” taking away our freedom, it’s not because he mad at us and wants to hurt us. It is because he loves us and wants to keep us safe. And that’s true of your parents too. Because they love you they discipline you. They correct you.  

Jesus called himself our light. He shows us the way to God and he puts the light of God’s love into our hearts. That’s why we can trust God’s reproofs, because we trust his eternal love for us, a love that would even die on the cross for our sins. Now we know that because Jesus takes away our sins, they can never separate us from God’s love. Instead our sins bring out the loving hand holding discipline of God as we walk together through difficult and dangerous spots in life.

Because of Jesus we have God’s light of love in our hearts.

With Jesus we can trust both God’s and our parent’s reproofs because they show us how loved we are.


Look at a nightlight in your house together. Why is it there? What does it light up? In what way is a nightlight loving? How is it like Jesus?


Jesus, be my light to show me God’s ways. I trust your love and your discipline. Amen.


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