Have you heard someone say something that was not right today? What was it?


Proverbs 8:6. from my lips will come what is right,

Lady Wisdom is talking. Solomon has tuned wisdom into a person, a woman, who is talking to us. And what does Lady Wisdom talk about? Yesterday we saw that she talks about what is noble. Today, we see that she talks about what is right.

If something is right it is just and fair. It is real, not fake or false. It is correct. Have you ever been listening to someone tell a story and thought to yourself, “That doesn’t sound right.”? Maybe because the person was making up half of their story in order to sound cool. Or maybe they were trying to get someone else in trouble instead of themselves. Well Wisdom doesn’t make things up. She doesn’t exaggerate. She doesn’t play favorites or take sides. She always says what is right. Wisdom says what God would say.

And so can we. How? Because when you have Jesus you have God’s wisdom filling your mind and soul. The wisdom of Jesus fears God more than it fears getting into trouble or getting its own way. The wisdom of Jesus comes from God’s love being inside of us so that we don’t have to make things up in order to sound good or better than others. With Jesus we never have to get others in trouble or lie to get them out of trouble (including ourselves). Instead we can trust Jesus to watch over us, even if it means we have to accept a fair punishment.

Because of Jesus we can be right with God.

With Jesus we can always do and say what is right and fair.


Make Philippians 4:8 a family memory verse. Notice how Paul tells us to think about what is right.


Jesus, your rightness is mine when I trust in you. Help me to say what is right and not what is wrong, even when I’m afraid of getting in trouble. Amen.


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