What does the word abomination mean? What would you consider to be an abomination?  


Proverbs 8:7. wickedness is an abomination to my lips.

Do you remember who’s talking in these verses? That’s right it’s Lady Wisdom. Lady Wisdom is telling us what she does and does not talk about. So far she has told us that she talks about what is noble, right, and true. Now she tells us something that she doesn’t talk about. In fact, it makes her sick just to think about it. What is it? Wickedness.

Wickedness is when you plan to do something bad, especially something that hurts another person. God hates when we talk about hurting others. It’s an abomination to him (do you know what abomination means?). But of course, we have said wicked things haven’t we? We have talked about how much we dislike someone and we have even talked about how we wish them harm.

Thankfully wise Jesus never spoke a wicked word in his life. Even when he was dying Jesus never talked about hurting others. He said, “Father forgive them” about the men who were killing him. And he said, “Today you will be with me in Paradise” to the criminal on the cross who had been mocking him. Even though others spoke wickedness to him, he never spoke it back. How? Because he knew that he was loved by the Father, and he knew that the wicked people didn’t know what they were doing.

When we are connected to Jesus we can know the same things. We know God loves us and we know that people say hurtful things without knowing what they are doing. But God’s wisdom lets us always know what we are saying, and why we are saying it. And God’s love always lets us NOT say things that are wicked and mean.

Because of Jesus even if I say wicked things I am forgiven.

With Jesus we never have to say wicked, hurtful things again.


Keep working on Philippians 4:8 as your memory verse.


Jesus, show me when my words are hurtful and wicked and teach me a better thing to say. Amen.


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