Has anybody ever tried to trick or scam you into doing something? What was it? 


Proverbs 8:8. All the words of my mouth are righteous; there is nothing twisted or crooked in them.

Lady Wisdom says that all her words are righteous, or straight, and not twisted or crooked. Sometimes twisted things can be fun. Like a roller coaster or pretzel. But nobody likes twisted words. Words that are tangled up and make no sense. Words that are meant to trick or deceive. Words that mislead others. Words that contradict each other.

Jesus never uses twisted or crooked words. He never misleads. He never contradicts God. He never tries to trick anyone or confuse anyone. Instead, everything Jesus says is righteous. It is straight. It is honest. It tells you everything you need to know.

But Jesus isn’t only wise; he IS wisdom. Jesus IS God’s righteous word. He IS God’s honest answer. He IS God’s full and final revelation. What this means is that we don’t just need to know what Jesus knows in order to be wise, we need to know Jesus himself in order to be wise. Everything God wants us to know is IN Jesus. Why are we alive? – Jesus. How much does God love us? – Jesus. What happens when we die? – Jesus. How should we live? – Jesus.

Are you trying to know what Jesus knows? That’s great. But are you also trying to know Jesus? That’s even better.

Because of Jesus we can trust everything God says as straight not twisted.

With Jesus we can know the answers to all of life’s questions and be truly wise.


Listen to the song Be Thou My Vision together.


Jesus, you are my wisdom. Help me to know you more each and every day.


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