What is justice? 


Proverbs 8:20. I walk in the way of righteousness, in the paths of justice,

Lady Wisdom is still talking here (remember, Solomon has turned wisdom into a person). Wisdom always stays on the path of righteousness and justice. Why? Because God is righteous and God is just.

Righteous, like it sounds, simply means to do what is right. God has a standard for how we should treat everyone with kindness and fairness. God’s righteousness is reflected in the Ten Commandments. To be righteous like God we must not kill, steal, lie, or covet. We must treat everyone the same, loving our neighbor as we love ourselves.

Justice takes righteousness one step further. We must not only act right, but we must also do justice. How does someone do justice? By helping those who are hurt, or poor, or oppressed to rise up out of that situation. Do you know someone who needs help? Well to be just, you would help them with what they need. Do you remember the Good Samaritan story? He did justice when he helped the hurt man on the road to get better.

Of course, Jesus is the greatest example of wisdom and justice. Jesus didn’t only do what is right all of the time, he also helped us who could never do what is right on our own because we are sinners. He did justice when he died for our sins on the cross. His death for us lifts us up out of our sin, and our hurt, and our oppression when we trust in him. Not only that, but when we have faith in Jesus we too are counted as righteous like him and we can be wise and walk in righteousness and justice with him every day.

Because of Jesus we are counted as righteous when we have faith in him.

With Jesus we can do justice.


Read the Good Samaritan story together (Luke 10:25-37). Talk about how the Good Samaritan did justice. Talk about how your family can do justice too.


Jesus, your righteousness is mine and now when I do justice it is like you are doing it. Thank you! Amen.


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