What makes you happy?


Proverbs 8:32. “And now, O sons, listen to me [Wisdom]: blessed are those who keep my ways.

The word blessed here means happy.

Hopefully you are a happy person. God wants us to be happy. He wants us to have joy, and enjoy life. Thomas Jefferson (do you know who he was?) said that we all have God-given right to “pursue happiness.” But that’s not actually what God says is it. God says “pursue wisdom” and when you do you will find happiness.

Here’s one of the most important lessons you can learn growing up: If you chase after happiness you will never be happy. Why? Because we simply can’t make ourselves happy, and nothing except God can make us truly happy. Do you know why? Because nothing but God is unlimited, forever, and perfect. If your team makes you happy, it will end. If winning makes you happy, you will lose. If the approval of others makes you happy, you will eventually let others down.

But if you chase after knowing God and his wisdom, then you will also find happiness. Why? Because God and his wisdom never run out. They are infinite. How do I know? Because Jesus is infinite, and he is God’s wisdom in the flesh. And if you pursue Jesus, his love and kindness, you will never come up empty. You will never be let down. You will be happy and blessed in your heart.

Because of Jesus we can know God and his wisdom.

With Jesus we can be happy.


Draw pictures of things that make you happy. Talk about how these things come to an end but Jesus’ love never ever will.


Jesus, you are my happiness. You are happy with me; may I always be happy with you. Amen.


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