Who is the most amazing person you have met?


When John wrote his gospel he said some pretty amazing things about Jesus. Things that have never been said about anyone else in all of human history. John said that Jesus was with God in heaven, and that Jesus is God. John said that Jesus created everything. And then on top of all that John said this:

John 1:4. In him was life…

Were you able to name the most amazing person you could think of? Was it a famous athlete or movie star? Or maybe a really awesome friend or family member. But no matter who you named, and no matter how great and awesome they are, you can never say the things about them that John said about Jesus. We might say that someone has a great life, that they have lived a good life, or that they make life better for others. We might even say that they have learned a lot in life and can teach us how to live a better life. But we can never say what John says about Jesus about anyone else – Jesus IS life.

Jesus didn’t just live a good life (he did). And Jesus doesn’t just show us how to live a good life (he does). Jesus is so much more. He IS life. And he offers us his own eternal life. Eternal life? Yes, eternal life.

But listen, Jesus’ eternal life is not you living forever as you are right now, stuck forever in all your sin and selfishness. That would be very bad. Jesus’ eternal life is you living forever in his perfect awesomeness. Eternal life is being loved by God like Jesus is, and being able to love others like Jesus does. It’s being able to be kind like he is and happy like he is. Living forever like Jesus is very good.

Christians aren’t people who give their life to Jesus. Christians are people who receive his eternal life. Do you want to receive Jesus’ life and replace your life with his? I hope you do. Why not tell Jesus that right now if you never have before?

Because of Jesus we can have his eternal life of love and goodness.

With Jesus we can live a life of love and goodness as we trust his love for us.


Listen to the song In Christ Alone together.


Jesus, you are life. Thank you for giving your life for mine. Amen. 

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