Do you like to be loud or quiet?  


Proverbs 9:13. The woman Folly is loud; she is seductive and knows nothing.

Solomon has been describing Wisdom and Folly as two women. Both women are crying out for us to follow them to a feast. Miss Wisdom calls gently, but Miss Folly is loud.  

Solomon isn’t just talking about having a louder voice than others. He’s talking about being boisterous, or chaotic. The fool gets louder and louder in order to win their argument. The fool can’t settle down. Like a baby, they draw attention to themselves with their yelling or whining.

Not only is the fool loud, they are loud and know nothing. The fool is not thinking ahead. They can’t see things coming. They are stuck in the moment. Like students who get loud in class and then are surprised when they get in trouble. They were loud and know nothing. The fool doesn’t know what’s going on around them. They get sucked into bad behavior without knowing or caring about what will happen.

Are you following Miss Folly? How can you tell? By how loud you are. How argumentative you are. How much attention you need. How you communicate with others.

The Christian doesn’t need to be loud. They can live a peaceful and quiet life (1 Thess. 4:11). Why? Because with Jesus we have peace in our hearts and don’t have to have all the attention, or win all the arguments, or always be the life of the party. Jesus should be the center of attention, not us, and living like him is always our best argument.

Because of Jesus we can have peace and quiet in our hearts.

With Jesus we can live a quiet and peaceful life.


Practice being still and quiet. How can you build quiet time into your family’s daily rhythm?


Jesus, I don’t need to be loud to get your attention. You love me all the time no matter what. Help me to live a peaceful life for you. Amen.


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